Special Events

Four workshops will be held in conjunction with GEC 2012. Titles, organizers, and a brief summary are listed below:

* Title: Workshop on Plasma Biomedicine
Organizer: David Graves, University of California, Berkeley (graves@berkeley.edu)
Date: Monday, October 22 (all day)
Room Location: Classroom 204

This all-day workshop is planned to help foster greater communication between the plasma biomedicine research community and the gaseous electronics community. The GEC has historically been one of the world's premier conferences on the physics of low temperature gas discharge plasmas. The successful development of plasma biomedicine technology will depend crucially on maintaining the highest standards in low temperature plasma modeling and diagnostics, areas of historic GEC strength. In addition, researchers with expertise in discharge physics need to be aware of the latest developments in plasma biomedicine and must be cognizant of the major biomedical principles that are emerging in this fast-moving field.

The workshop will include speakers focusing on both sides of this field: plasma biomedicine and low temperature plasma physics and chemistry. In addition, since the field is developing rapidly but with different emphases in different parts of the world, there will be an effort to provide an overview of research and technology development progress internationally. The strongly cross-, multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of the field presents some challenges to research funding organizations; best practices in coordinating such efforts will be highlighted by selected speakers.


*Title: Workshop on Plasma Cross Field Diffusion
Organizers: Rod Boswell, Australian National University, Australia (rod.boswell@anu.edu.au) and Igor Kaganovich, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (ikaganov@pppl.gov)
Date: Monday, October 22 (all day)
Room Location: Classroom 203

The Cross Field Diffusion (CFD) workshop will address the diffusion of both electropositive and electronegative plasmas across magnetic fields. The basic physics will be addressed using researchers from the areas of experiment, simulation and theory. In the area of applications there are: fusion plasma confinement, anomalous electron heat flux, space plasma thrusters using magnetic fields, neutral beam injection into fusion plasmas and beams of negative oxygen ions for Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy.


*Title: Workshop on Verification and Validation of Computer Simulations in Low Temperature Plasma Physics
Organizers: Miles Turner, Dublin City University, Ireland (miles.turner@dcu.ie) and Mirko Vukovic, Tokyo Electron (mirko.vukovic@us.tel.com)
Date: Monday, October 22 (evening)
Room Location: Classroom 202

Computer simulation is an important tool in low-temperature plasma physics. However, such simulations are maximally useful only when they are based on accurate physical models (validated), and correctly implemented (verified). Demonstrating that a complex code is both correct and valid is difficult. However, experience in other fields strongly suggests that errors in both models and computer codes are frequent, and that the results of computations are often not as accurate as we would like them to be. These considerations suggest that evidence of code correctness should be diligently gathered and placed in the public domain. The process of gathering this evidence is likely to uncover many errors, and increase confidence in the accuracy of computations. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss these issues, and in particular to explore the application in low temperature plasma physics of techniques for verification and validation developed in other fields (such as computational fluid dynamics and nuclear engineering). Low-temperature plasma physics codes may have special features that are not easily addressed by these methods, and this also will be a matter of discussion. Interested parties are invited to contact the organizers, Miles Turner (miles.turner@dcu.ie) and Mirko Vukovic (mirko.vukovic@us.tel.com), for further details.


*Title: Workshop on Plasma Data Exchange
Organizers: Leanne Pitchford, University Paul Sabatier, France (pitchford@laplace.univ-tlse.fr) and Annarita Laricchuita, CNR IMIP Bari, Italy (GEC_PDEPworkshop@ba.imip.cnr.it)
Date: Tuesday, October 23 (evening)
Room Location: Classroom 203

This is the second of the planned series of three workshops to be held in conjunction with the GEC with the overall objective of fostering the Plasma Data Exchange Project, an informal community-wide effort for archiving, exchanging, accessing, and evaluating data needed for low temperature plasma modeling and interpretation of experiments. The workshop will be open to all registered GEC participants. The focus for the 2012 workshop will be intercomparisons of theory, modeling and experiment for electron scattering and transport in simple molecular gases, and the focus for the third workshop in 2013 will shift towards electron interactions with more complex molecules.