65th Gaseous Electronics Conference

The 65th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference will be held October 22 to 26, 2012 at the AT&T Conference Center on The University of Texas at Austin campus in Austin, Texas. The campus is located in the northern part of downtown Austin. The University of Texas is the largest public university system in the state of Texas and one of the leading educational / research universities in the United States. The university is home to several academic groups, centers, and institutes that have a strong focus and connection to the topical areas of interest to the conference.

The city of Austin is the capital of the state of Texas and the seat of the state government. Austin is home to a wide variety of high-tech industry with a strong focus on the semiconductor industry. Virtually all of the leading semiconductor equipment and chip manufacturing industry have a base in Austin. Other industries with a home in Austin include nano and bio technology startups, solar startups, and several small and big software companies.

Austin has a subtropical climate and is especially pleasant in October with temperatures ranging from 60 F (15 C) to 81 F (27 C). Austin is situated in central Texas in the rolling hill country that provides various scenic attractions and opportunities for the outdoors. The Colorado River flow through Austin with three man-made lakes within the city limits. These lakes are a great resource for water sports and related activities. The Barton Creek greenbelt trail is 7.9 miles long and 809 acres nature preserve that cuts right through the city and offers sheer cliff walls, lush vegetation, and popular swimming areas in the city.

Austin has a strong cultural and live music tradition and is home to international music festivals such as the Austin City Limits and the South-by-South West. Austin also has excellent dining options with a wide variety of international cuisines available within walking distance from the conference location. Other attractions within walking distance from the conference location include the state Capitol that is open to visitors after hours, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and the university's Blanton Museum.

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Austin is readily accessible by air (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport) and is about 1.5 hour drive from San Antonio, 2.5 hour drive from Houston, and 4 hour drive from Dallas, Texas.

The conference is hosted by a Local Organizing Committee comprising Professors Laxminayaran Raja, Larry Overzet, Philip Varghese, and Doctors Peter Ventzek, and Mirko Vukovic. Professor Raja will serve as Secretary for the conference. We look forward to seeing you in Austin in October!