GEC 2011-2012 Executive Committee

Biswa Ganguly, Chair
Air Force Research Laboratory

Amy Wendt, Chair Elect
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Laxminayaran Raja, Secretary
The University of Texas at Austin

Tom Kirchner, Treasurer
York University, Canada

Igor Kaganovich, Secretary Elect
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Patrick Pedrow, Past Secretary
Washington State University

Michael Brunger, DAMOP Representative
Flinders University, Australia

Vincent Donnelly
University of Houston

Ed Barnat
Sandia National Laboratories

Ralf-Peter Brinkmann
Ruhr University, Germany

Masaharu Shiratani
Kyushu University, Japan

Allison Harris (Appointed)
Henderson State University

The GEC Executive Committee invites the submission of abstracts on the topics of basic phenomena and plasma processes in partially ionized gases, plasmas in liquids, and also the theory and measurement of basic atomic and molecular collisional processes. Papers reporting on experimental, theoretical, and computational studies that address either fundamental properties of low temperature plasmas or their applications are encouraged.

Examples of topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Plasma processing of materials including semiconductors, metals, insulators, MEMS devices and displays,
  • Biological and emerging applications of plasmas,
  • Plasma-surface interactions,
  • Plasma diagnostics,
  • High pressure and micro-plasmas,
  • Plasmas in liquids,
  • Gas discharge lamps,
  • Gas lasers,
  • Plasma chemistry and combustion,
  • Plasma aerodynamics,
  • Ionospheric phenomena,
  • Ion sources,
  • Electron and photon collisions with atoms and molecules,
  • Heavy particle interactions: ion-molecule, neutrals etc.

The Oral and Poster Session Sorting Categories are listed on the Abstract Submission page.